Welcome to Meraki Stone 

Established in 2016, Meraki Stone is a dedicated supplier of all types of natural stone sourced from the world’s leading quarries and extraction points. Meraki Stone is wholly owned by renowned trading company Global Building Solutions, and is located in the central hub of Dubai, providing an innovation-led, convenient and super-efficient method for architects, designers, developers, contractors and sub-contractors to source stone in the UAE, Africa and Asia.

With an extended network and the capacity to source the finest marble, limestone, granite and other exotic stone quickly and at a competitive price, Meraki Stone has established a formidable reputation in Dubai and internationally as a forward-thinking and unique company that answers the needs of the new generation of industry professionals and decision makers.

Meraki Stone is founded on the principles of providing quality products, the best level of service, and an understanding of the design and construction industry, where continual visits and meetings with sales reps place constraints on time which would be better spent on more productive endeavours.

By incorporating the latest technology, combined with a commitment to freeing up creative people to do what they’re best at, Meraki Stone provides a fast and efficient way to instantly request product samples or to select and submit desired quantities of stone for quotations. 

Meraki Stone has developed an expertise in product selection, not only reacting to trends in design, but often staying ahead of them. All the stone we provide meets extremely high standards, and is listed on our website only once we are assured that it is of the highest quality and is readily available in the quantities required to elevate local and international projects.

At Meraki Stone, our passion is in delivering the best stone to enhance projects and new developments for our clients, providing a fast and efficient route to procuring great products, without any of the laborious traditional processes.