Rojo Alicante

Rojo Alicante is a red marble with a fine grain. In terms of tonality, the red background can vary between cuts. While the white vein is hardly abundant, on occasion it may take more of a dominating appearance. As such, both the vein intensity and background tonality provide the main variations on this marble.

Rojo Alicante is the most popular red marble in Spain, but its popularity has also spread to the Middle East and Asia. It is most commonly used in flooring, cladding, stonework and bathroom design.



Rojo Alicante Marble

Stone Type: Marble

Main Colour: Red

Country: Spain

Extraction Area: Novelda, Alicante

Other Names: Rosa Alicante; Alicante Red; Rosso Alicante

Technical Data

Compression Strength: 94,61 MPa;

Bending strength: 8,73 MPa;

Porosity: 0.30%

Applications: Flooring; Coverings; Interior Design; Bathroom Design