Rosso Verona

Masterful and iconic, Rosso Verona is a historically and culturally significant red marble from Italy. It has been extensively used for many centuries in some of the world’s most notable buildings. Today, Ross Verona is as important as it always has been, and enjoys perhaps the highest global demand of all marbles. The marble has an intense and deep red tonality, characterised by very slight variation and a fractured structure.

Rosso Verona is in high demand for use on both exterior and interior flooring, as well as cladding and stonework.



Rosso Verona Marble

Stone Type: Marble

Main Colour: Red

Country: Italy

Extraction Area: Verona, Italy

Other Names: Rojo Verona; Verona Marble; Marmo di Verona

Technical Data: N/A

Applications: Flooring; Coverings; Cladding; Masonry; Stonework